If you are purchasing a property in Israel to live in either year round or as a vacation home, we highly recommend preparing a checklist of your property requirements. Below is the list of questions you should go over with your real estate agent once you begin your search:

Purpose of Purchase – Who is this property for? Who will use it? Newlyweds, family with kids or retired couple?

Location – It’s best to decide on a specific neighborhood, and easiest to mark on a map a border line with streets. First research the neighborhood to make sure it suits your needs: schools, parks, medical centers, even dog parks. 

Budget – Understand all the additional fees and then determine your budget. 

Size in sqm – This should be a range with a minimum limit. 

Number of Bedrooms – And also consider the size of bedrooms if important. New buildings tend to build small bedrooms, while old buildings usually have more spacious bedrooms.

Number of Bathrooms – And indicate if you need a bathtub.

Street – Is main street okay? Quiet street? It’s also important to specify if you prefer the apartment to be rear facing or front facing to the street.

Building Quality – New building? Tama 38? Renovated? Bauhaus or Eclectic Buildings?

Renovation – Would you prefer a shell apartment: an essentially empty, completely unrenovated apartment that allows you to design the place yourself.


Floor – Sometimes it’s important to decide which floor isn’t relevant. Some people don’t like garden apartments, others don’t want to be on the top floor.

Balcony – And also the size of the balcony.

Elevator – Even if the answer is no, maybe you do require an elevator if the apartment is on the 3rd floor and up, for example.

Parking Spot – And the type of parking spot that you prefer not to deal with – for example an elevator parking entrance.

View – Sea view, city view, garden view, open view?

Furniture – Would you prefer a fully furnished apartment?

Goal Date to Move in By – Did you sell and have a move out date? Do you have an aliya date? Are you expecting a baby and want to move in before? 

Goal Month to Purchase – is there a specific date that money is released from inheritance or from selling a property? Is there a goal to purchase so other adjustments can be made before move-in date?

After compiling a list with all of your preferences, it is incredibly important to consider and establish which parameters are deal breakers, and which you are willing to be flexible with.

Remember if you go by this checklist you can direct your real estate agent on the path to show you only relevant properties and not waste your time on irrelevant ones.

Deal Breakers?