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Daon Group soulagera le mal de tête lié à l'achat d'une maison. Nos experts expérimentés sont prêts à écouter vos besoins pour vous correspondre à votre propriété parfaite.


Daon Group Real Estate travaille pour vous aider à trouver la bonne propriété, à votre budget, pour vos besoins. Nous apprécions l'intégrité, le service personnalisé et le plus haut niveau de professionnalisme.


Nous savons ce qu'il faut pour négocier le meilleur prix sur le marché immobilier israélien. Nous comprenons le marché israélien et savons également comment fournir avec succès le type de service que vous attendez.


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Mortgages Consultants


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Lia Karel

Real Estate Attorney

Lia Karel is a real estate attorney and a founder of Papish Karel & Co. Law Office. Lia offers our clients professional, personal and reliable legal services throughout the buying and selling process. Lia also advises clients on land and real estate taxation issues and offers complementary services in connection with clients’ dealings with the tax authorities, the Land Registry Office, the Israel Land Authority and other government agencies.

Her experience, pragmatic approach and creativity have helped bring numerous real estate deals to a successful close. Lia is committed to professional service in order to find efficient and creative solutions for each client.

DNA - Karin Armel & Daniel Nachmias

Mortgage Brokers

Karin and Daniel are experienced mortgage brokers providing personalized mortgage services from start to finish of the process of receiving the mortgage from the bank.

​Both Karin and Daniel have a bachelor's degree in economics and management, and have a 12 years experience in Discount Bank.
They accompany all types of transactions: immediate purchase of properties, contractors, foreign residents and more.

​DNA has a regular contact with the banks in Israel, which saves the hassle and confusions when calling up all the banks and comparing their mortgage terms and rates . Let DNA do the hard work for you and get the mortgage that works best for you


Studio ON - Ori Dunetz & Noa Solomon

Interior Designer

Studio ON Specializes in interior design and Architectural -branding for commercial and residential spaces


The studio was founded by Ori Dunetz and Noa Solomon, both graduates (BA Design) from The Holon Institute of Technology (H.I.T)

Ori and Noa both bring with them years of experience in interior design and architecture


The studio works in the belief that each design must be accurate and specific for each client

The goal of the studio is to produce a design that is timeless, accurate, and functional

The work process includes advising our clients in every step of the process. From the first construction documentation, design details through interior design and business branding


We believe in true collaboration between our clients and us. We thrive to create innovative design using cutting edge tools and skills.  We use many digital platforms to ensure our customers will get clear visualization of their project. It includes 3D illustrations as well as plans and physical material choices to be made

oren karev.jpg

Oren Karev

Architectural Designer

Oren Karev is an architectural designer professionally educated in London and Tel Aviv. Oren has a strong foundation in construction projects having been both a builder and designer for many years in Tel Aviv and abroad. His work in a number of large Tel Aviv architectural practices has both educated and influenced him to strive for good communication with clients and thoughtful solutions.
Prior to gaining his architectural education, Oren was in an elite unit of the special forces of the Israeli Defense Force. His service as a combat soldier and later as the platoon head of information security allowed him to gain an understanding of the value of teamwork, intelligence gathering and assets management. Oren provides our clients with site survey, design consultancy, architectural design and drawings and site supervision.


Inbal Chen

Architect and interior designer

Inbal Chen is an architect and interior designer with over 15 years of experience creating and designing houses for residential and commercial spaces in Israel and around the world. For every one of her designs and constructions, Inbal gets her inspiration from her clients. She believes that the basis for a comfortable and pleasant design is to understand the client's needs, their personal taste, the character of their family or business, and their budget and time frame. She creates designs that are practical, functional and provide a convenient platform for the character and style of its use. Inbal's love for the field is an inseparable part of her love for people.

Daniel Dan

Daniel Dan

Contractor Specialist

Daniel Dan is a professional contractor engaged in real estate and construction projects throughout Israel. He prides himself on his reliability, professionalism, service and warranty.
Daniel manages a variety of types of contracting projects including apartments, villas, offices, and shops of all sizes.

Daniel manages the contracting projects for his clients, coordinating between the various professionals, supervising all stages of work and of course ensuring the quality of the work. He specializes in working with architects / designers / engineers and consultants.