Tel Aviv, Israel

Uniquely positioned on 237 Dizengoff Street, between Nordau Boulevard and Basel Street, the Daon Group offices are located in the heart of the "old north" neighborhood, one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Tel Aviv.

The Daon Group offices are classically designed with an open-space environment, built to foster close interaction and synergy between the agents.

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Our offices
Daon group office

Our office location is closely connected to the history of the city of Tel Aviv, being one of the first streets established when the city was founded in 1909. The street is named after Tel Aviv's founder and first mayor, Meir Dizengoff, who is also credited with being a key player in the creation of the State of Israel. After his death, Dizengoff's residence, the Dizengoff House, was donated as a museum to the city of Tel Aviv, which later become home to the Israeli Independence Hall, where David Ben-Gurion would famously sign the Declaration of Independence in 1948.

Dizengoff street is filled with clothes, bridal, and designer name stores, as well as coffee shops, bars and restaurants.  Two of its major landmarks are Dizengoff Square and Dizengoff Center shopping mall.