6 Gordon St. Garden Apartment

6 Gordon St. Garden Apartment

17 000 000,00₪Prix
1 Pied carré

A spacious ground floor garden apartment with two points of access to the private gardens. The apartment has a basement level as well with a safe room (bedroom) and a living room (42 meters) and it is structurally prepared for the addition of a bathroom and/or kitchen.  The apartment is fully equipped with an Italian designed kitchen, glass top, bathroom cabinets, with the addition of Miele appliances, and heated floors.
Top it off with 2 parking spaces.


Apartment Specifications
-120 meters
-Ground floor-4 Rooms (3 bedrooms), Living room, kitchen, 2.5 Bathrooms
-Basement floor (56 meters) -2 Rooms (1 bedroom), Living room, and structurally prepared for addition of bathroom and/or kitchen
-Two private gardens (North-West facing garden of 50 meters and a back garden of 110 meters.
-2 Parking spots
-Security cameras 
- Natural Marble flooring 
- Lutron “smart home” system
- Kitchen fully equipped with Italian designed cabinets, Natural Black Granite (Brazil) countertops; Blanco (Germany) sinks and faucets; MIELE (Germany) appliances 
-7 individually controlled under floor heated areas 
-Electrical blinds controlled by touch pad or remotely 
-Each bedroom has separate AC units

Building specifications:
-Natural marble flooring and staircases
-24/7 hot water boilers
-Spacious parking garage with wide spaces that are lit by LED up-down illumination fixtures
-Service room is located on the roof 
-Elevator with a 9 person passenger capacity (more than what the municipality requires) 
-Security cameras on every floor, in the lobby, and in the parking lot

237 Dizengoff St. Tel Aviv, Israel



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