Sara W. Bareket

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Sales Associate

Sara was born and raised in NYC to parents from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who once were Olim themselves prior to their move to New York. Growing up as the youngest child of 8 to parents who were twice immigrants, she developed a strong work ethic from a young age which she brings to every role.

After graduating from New York University with multiple distinctions, Sara gained experience in sales, project management, PR, spokesperson roles, and later specialized as an event manager for tech brands such as Intel, VMware, AWS, Google and more, for which she traveled all over the world as well as the U.S.

Prior to her second time moving to Tel Aviv, Sara lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and NYC and founded and ran her own event marketing agency as well as oversaw multiple real estate projects. She has experience in acquiring properties for short and long term investment, project management of construction and renovations, and investment strategy.


Sara’s own multicultural background and global travels combined with her deeply intuitive interpersonal skills contribute to her success in the truly cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv. Her professional and outgoing demeanor as well as her utmost dedication to bringing them the best results puts her clients at ease. 


Sara speaks English, Hebrew, Portuguese and Spanish.

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