YouTube Series

A big part of what we do is getting involved in the community. We have put together an ongoing interview series with our partners in order to help inform viewers on different topics in the the real estate world.

Barak Daon - Real Estate Broker

Welcome to Daon Group Real Estate’s “Buying Smart in Israel” video series. Before you start your property search in Israel, I invite you to watch our short videos to learn everything you need to know about real estate in Israel.

Moises Zack -Mortgage Consultant

Moishe Zack of First Israel Mortgages explains in detail how to get the best deals on mortgages and how to overcome any obstacles you might face when buying property here in Israel.

Dr. Haden - COVID-19

In this interview Dr. Haden and Barak Daon speak about health care in Israel, the Covid-19 vaccine, and how you can have your health care service provided via texts and video calls.

Adv. Yair Givati - Lawyer 

In this video series, we ask lawyer Yair Givati all about the legal aspects of buying and selling property in Israel.

Jay Rosen - Hayyati